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Simple, effective, usable solutions for business

Our stock control, point of sale, integrated e-commerce solution is designed to make sure your business has a real advantage in todays world...





Stock Control

In CounterAct4 we offer a fully featured, barcode enabled stock control system.

The application has everything you need to manage stock movements, from delivery to sale and then re-order.

Information is readily available online and on your mobile making sure you're always in control.


Point of Sale

Everything is taken care of at the point of sale; barcode scanning, shopping basket, customized receipts, customer profiling and daily sales/stock movement information, all as standard.

CounterAct4 can gather the essential information needed for targeted marketing campaigns and customer communications.

Sales and stock information is available online and on your mobile delivering key business information to you when you want it.


Independent and Starting Up


We have provided solutions to a large number of Start Up retail businesses.

Our solutions are cost effective, fully featured and can be up and running in no time at all.

We provide a full implementation service that includes equipment and application setup and delivery and staff training.



Future Growth

Our solutions have a built in ability to grow with your business.

Multiple points of sale, networked, integrated online and customised solutions are available.

Our solutions are flexible and scalable, ready to meet the demands of an expanding business.






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