User Groups (Ideas & Upgrades)

CounterAct4 is installed and running in a wide variety retail outlets including Computer Equipment suppliers, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories, Gift Ware and Sports Equipment shops.

We keep in regular contact with our clients to discuss the ongoing operation of the system to help us understand where changes and new features are required.

Many of the ideas that come out of our conversations can be shared across the User Group. Changes and new features that BoxtSolutions agree will benefit all users will be included in a future release of CounterAct4. Of course, we also understand that there are enhancements and ideas which are specific to a particular outlet and these we deal with on an individual basis.

The current version CounterAct4 is v4.03 and in this release we included the following:

Enhanced option menus

New user level privileges

Automatic supplier reference assignment

Enhanced Sale/Offer features

Enhanced Customer Relationship facilities

The upgrade is now available on your Online Support page along with release notes that will introduce you to the new functionality.


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